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Southwest Iceland: Vik 20 May

20th May 2008

We are lucky again. Vik is the wettest spot in Iceland and the weather is warm and sunny during our short stay here. Shortly after checking and a quick lunch, we drove to the nearby black-sand volcanic Reynisfjara Beach.

The beach is just straight ahead

The ridge, Reynisfjall, taken from the visitor's carpark

This way to the beach

Looking back to where we come from

Reynisfjara Beach

The cave (left) and the sea stacks of Reynisdrangur (right)

The far end is the rock arch at Dyrhólaey and the nearby sea stacks. We tried reaching there on foot but it only look near.

Checking out on the walls of the cave. It is formed as if slabs of rock tiles being stick together. The art of geology.

The whole wall of rock slabs

The other side of the cave consists of basalt columns that look like giant church organ

Take a closer look on the black-sand. In fact, it is not sand, it's black pebbles, that come in various sizes.

The ridge, Reynisfjall, the cave and the sea stacks of Reynisdrangur

The bizarre sea stacks of Reynisdrangur, 100% natural, is the work of water and wind erosions.

Our next destination is Dyrhólaey, a small peninsula where we hope to catch view of some Puffin birds.

The nice valley we see as we drive down the road

Dyrhólaey from a distance

Close up of Dyrhólaey

The access to Dyrhólaey is closed from 1/5 - 25/6 as it's breeding season for the Puffin birds. What a disappointment!

At the suggestion of the hostel's staff, we decide to take a hike up to the top of ridge, Reynisfjall.

The building with the blue top is the hostel we are staying. Looks like Swiss Alps.

View of our hostel, halfway up Reynisfjall

View of the Vik, halfway up Reynisfjall

On the top of Reynisfjall
And it's windy and freezing up here.

Our hostel, bottom right

The endless coastline

At the cliff of Reynisfjall

The full side view of Dyrhólaey

The sea stacks of Reynisdrangu is just right below

The aerial view of Vik, our hostel is at the extreme left

Surroundings of Vik

The sea stacks of Reynisdrangu and the ridge, Reynisfjall, view from the restaurant where we have our lunch.

A mini hydropower plant, probably generate enough electricity for 1 household.

Accomodation: Norður-Vík Youth Hostel
It's a clean, friendly and cozy place for a short stay, with free internet access. The bad thing is toilet and kitchen is communal, got to wait to use them. This is especially frustrating so during morning rush and the evening dinner time.

Cozy corner opposite the reception


Exterior of the hostel

Miserably small room

Communal kitchen where residents are free to use.
We chat to a group of American band members, who fly in after their gig in Denmark. They are here for a visit because they are inspired by the Icelandic band, Sigur Rós. It's really cool to meet a fellow fan of Sigur Rós. The band leader resembles Justin Timberlake and at the start, we thought we see a superstar cooking spaghetti in this little kitchen of a youth hostel here in Vik.

View of Vik, from the dining hall window

Dining hall, just outside the kitchen

The corridor outside our room

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Blogger Trekker Dog said...

Where is the trailhead for the walk up Reynisfjall?

Blogger music-nazi ~ musik mit uns said...

If I'm not wrong, if you were to walk to the main road from the hostel, you will see there is a split road going up the hill. This road will lead you to Reynisfjall. We went up on the advice from the hostel staff that we will be able to see puffin birds. It turned out nothing at all.


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