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Southeast Iceland: Skaftafell National Park 19 May cont'd

19th May 2008
Skaftafell National Park

Skaftafell Visitor Centre

View of Skaftafellsjökull from the Visitor Centre. Looks so near and yet so far.

After a brief visit to the Visitor Centre, we head back to Bolti to prepare for dinner. The view of Skeidararjökull ahead while we on Route 1.

Bolti is just red-roofed house on top of the hill. Didnt realise that there is a waterfall nearby where we stay.

Closer look at Bolti

Accomodation: Bolti Farmhouse
This is the only decent accommodation apart from the camping site at the visitor centre. It is the only accommodation that is closest to the hiking tracks in the national park and offers that best view of the surroundings. This is also the only one that we are unable to obtain a confirmation on our reservation. We call multiple times before the trip and no one is picking up the calls. Eventually when the phone is put thru, the communication just simply breaks down cos we couldnt understand what is she talking about. In the end, we arent sure if she has registered our reservation.

Upon arrival, we are amazed that the old lady remembers our reservation after much explanations. We run out of cash then and she saves us with a credit cards manual imprinter!! As it is still a off peak season, we are fortunate to have the whole cabin to ourselves and most importantly, there is no need to queue to use the washroom and the kitchen.

The main building of Bolti Farmhouse. The old lady owner stays here. I also understand there are rooms for rent within as well.

The entrance to the farmhouse

This path leads to the kitchen

As we walk further, the path opens up to a beautiful sight - Skeidararjökull

One of my favourite pictures taken.

Here we are, the little hut on the right is the common kitchen

Interior of the fully equipped kitchen

Interiors of Cabin

These are the 2 cabins which beds are rented out. We stay in the cabin on the left.

This is the main door of the cabin. Beyond the entrance, door on the left leads to the cabin within and the one on the right is the toilet and shower.

Toilet and shower. Dry and clean.

Entrance to the cabin within. There are kettle, cups and cutleries on the basin for use. Even detergent is provided.

The double deck beds for rent to individuals

The cabin comes with a TV but the reception is bad and the programmes are in Icelandic.

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