Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Southwest Iceland: Keflavík International Airport 25 May

25th May 2008
Keflavík International Airport

To sum up this Icelandic experience, the 2 weeks on the island has simply passed us by unknowingly. While we are still indulging in the wows of the diversity in its natural phenomena, we are getting ready to leave. There is 1 more thing about Iceland that truly amazed me is the Icelanders' efforts on its low polluted environment. 80% of the total energy used is derived from the clean domestically-produced geothermal and hydropower, the balance 20% are from fossil (oil), which is mainly for cars and fishing fleets. I'm also appreciative that Icelanders have left the wilderness of Iceland rustic and untouched (for example no unsightly metal railings or resting pavilions along hiking treks) and free (in the sense that no charges to visit all natural attractions). Nonetheless, there are regrets in this trip too:

a) Lava Tubes - We cant locate them at Húsafell and have to give it up due to time constraint.
b) Dettifoss - The largest waterfall in Europe. The road leading to it is closed due to heavy snow.
c) Puffin Birds - It will be good to see thousands and thousands of Puffins nesting on a cliff top. But during this period, Dyrhólaey is closed due to their breeding season.

Bæbæ Ísland, I will return some day to this exceptional and beautiful country.

On the way to Keflavík International Airport

Saw this ad on the way to hotel on day one. I tell myself that I must snap a photo of this when I go home. Good convincing ad!

Surroundings of Keflavík International Airport

Main complex of the airport

The long passage way to the airport

Interior of Keflavík International Airport

This is the first leg of our way home: Reykjavik → London → Singapore

I'm intrigued by this piece of concrete wall. First thing to see upon leaving the plane on day 1.

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